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Dharamshila Hospital And Research Centre, Delhi

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Dharamshila Hospital And Research Centre (DHRC) — North India’s oldest and largest Cancer Centre — has devoted more than 20 years to Cancer prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Palliative Care with a mission to fight and win the battle against cancer.

As a healthcare centre, it is driven by the credo of Your Partner in cancer care,Dharamshila Hospital And Research Centre brings the best in class medical expertise with cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure, together with a long legacy of trust. Spread over 3.5 acres in pleasant landscape, this 300 bed hospital with open space provides the perfect setting for ensuring not only the highest quality of healthcare but also peace of mind with its open space, ample parking and easy access when you need it most.

Dharamshila Hospital offers everything a cancer patient needs, Years of Experience as an exclusive cancer hospital; Focussed, Dedicated and Positive Approach; Team of World Class Cancer Experts and other Medical Professionals; Cutting edge Technologies; Highest Standard of Care; Established Systems for Quality, Safety and Environment and Evidence Based Medicine as per International Treatment Protocols.