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Medical Services

Excellentiam’sDiagnostics at home services provide diagnostics for sleep test, blood test, diabetes test and full body checkup in the comfort of your home, which is possible to perform at doorstep. Skilled technicians collect samples from your home arranged by our easy call facility through most qualified and largest third party service provider. Most of the cases Reports are delivered the same/next day or on completion of all the tests by e-mail or at your doorstep.

Excellentiam’ is always here for all your post hospitalization needs - from chronic care to critical care. We provide post-hospital care devices / medical equipments / services on rent or sale at best prices. The devices can be home delivered based on requirement.

Excellentiam Eldercare Services supports professionallyin recovering from a simpler injury or dealing with long-term health issues such as arthritis, trained physiotherapists are equipped to identify & rehabilitate your movement dysfunction in your musculoskeletal system. A multi-prong approach of exercises, lifestyle plan reinforced by ultrasound and electric stimulation will help you restore your strength, coordination and make everyday life easier.

Excellentiam’ provides the service of regularly monitoring the health of your elderly situation, which is essential to ensure the smooth well being. Visiting the doctor’s chamber for a health check up for your loved elderly one is necessary keeping in mind their frequently changing medical needs. Now get the best medical attention and care from qualified doctors at the comfort of your own home. Excellentiam Eldercare Services provides doctor at home services for members. Bid farewell to long waiting hours at the clinic or the doctor’s chamber. You can avail scheduled doctor consultations by signing up for our membership plan. You can also enjoy professional Home Care even after the doctor visit. Excellentiam Eldercare Services works with your doctor to manage your health at home.

Excellentiam Eldercare Services arrange trained Nurse at Home who provides one-on-one hospital like care to our patients at home. Whether you are looking for simple support in doing everyday tasks when recovering or need complex care that can be daunting for family members to undertake, our registered nurses are qualified to offer this care in the comfort of the patient's own home. They can even offer advanced care, working in tandem with the family. In short, our private home nurses provide customized care in a comforting environment and, perhaps more importantly, can nurture trusting relationships with the clients.

Non-medical Services

Clear definition of nonclinical assistance to elderly people is “who don't necessarily need a lot of help, but would sometimes like a companion to support them during various activities: someone they can chat and discuss things with, at home or out-and-about”.

Dementia care at home or any specific place provides dementia treatment via psychotherapy and counseling sessions at home assisting patients with dementia to cope with the various challenges that come with dementia and memory loss.

IN-home Trained Assistant Service provides part time or full time attendants/ayahs (verified and trained in/out-house) for elder care; mothers, newborns, infants and patient care at home. Based on requirement you may choose a male attendant or a female attendant, which will be coordinated by Excellentiam Eldercare Services Team (EHHPL).

In-home Trained assistant service provides full time attendants/ayahs (verified and trained in/out-house) for elder care and patient care at home. Based on requirement you may choose a male attendant or a female attendant, which will be coordinated by Excellentiam Eldercare Services Team.

Non-medical physical assistance program offers caregivers to patients in need of physical assistance. They take the place of family members and help them cope with their ailments and everyday chores as a family member would. Care managers do a thorough assessment of the needs of the patient and they co-ordinate between doctors and family members ensuring everyone is kept abreast of the situation.

Emergency Services

Emergency Response device censor based can be organized on request and otherwise also the same can be dealt manually as agreed by both the parties.

SOS Emergency Ambulance service is a unique offering for it’s elder care patients, to get them assistance when they need it the most. EXCELLENTIAM ELDERCARE SERVICES Emergency services include 24x7 ambulance for members to the hospital of the member’s choice. EXCELLENTIAM ELDERCARE SERVICES has an extensive registration process for new Members, such that if an Emergency were to occur we can activate the response protocol sooner.

EXCELLENTIAM’S Hospital Admissions and Assistance service manages the full admission and ongoing coordination of the member’s hospital as per agreed terms and understandings.

Healthcare Equipment

Excellentiam Eldercare services are equipped enough to arrange and assist Elders to buy or rent quality healthcare equipments in a very competitive rates.

Critical care management at Home

Excellentiam Eldercare arranges the critical care unit as per the guidance of the Doctors in a very professional manner at home in coordination with the medical professional.