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P.D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Center, Mumbai

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With a rich experience and expertise of 61yrs of existence, P D Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Center is today an ultra-modern multi-specialty tertiary care hospital committed to its mission of providing “Quality Healthcare for All”. Having completed its Diamond Jubilee in 2011, P D Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Center yet leaves no stone unturned in keeping up with the latest technology and techniques, clinical excellence and various aspects of hospital operation to enhance its services to the people.  Small beginnings with a strong vision and determination to make a difference are the foundation for this hospital’s story over the years.

It started as a small OPD clinic on 10th December 1951. The institution expanded to start In-patient services and gradually added more services to become a 402 bed, ultra-modern tertiary care hospital. The world class infrastructure of the hospital has been created with strategic advisory contribution by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGM), Boston to provide highest quality of care.

Sri P. D. Hinduja, the founder, was appalled at the health conditions that existed soon after the partition. He believed that education and healthcare are the birthright of every citizen.  He wanted to create an institution, which could provide “Quality Healthcare for All” and no Indian would have to travel abroad for quality treatment.

P D Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Center, ever since, has pursued quality through people, processes and technology. Strong philanthropic foundation, combined with a vision of like-minded doctors resulted in some transformational concepts for the region, one of them being the concept of full time doctors. The hospital has more than 80 full time consultants and many of them are renowned and respected across the globe for their medical care and research.