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The Mercy Healthcare Network is a multi-speciality network of hospitals and clinics throughout Kolkata that effectively treat an array of medical needs. Our entire staff is committed to providing accessible, sophisticated medical care to all patients at an affordable price.

At the heart of our Urban Network, Mercy Hospital is the oldest functioning hospital in Kolkata. With 27 years of experience, our hospital is uniquely equipped with a 24 hour emergency care unit, and our services include: affordable doctor care, comfortable facilities, a blood bank, a Diagnostic Centre, and two pharmacies. Our deep history, commitment to providing free healthcare to 40% of our patients, and innovative leadership combine to make Mercy Hospital a model Healthcare Network for Kolkata and the world.

Our rural network exists to provide healthcare to those living outside city limits who find it difficult to travel to our flagship hospital. Mercy Hospital is committed to operating a rural network of clinics that function as small satellite facilities to deliver basic medical care at little to no cost to the patient.

In addition to the daily nursing staff providing basic care and health education at each clinic, doctors from Mercy Hospital make weekly visits to treat more severe illnesses. If a patient requires extensive treatment, we help arrange a visit our flagship hospital in Kolkata. Mercy Hospital is currently raising funds for a telemedicine system, which will enable the remote transmission of medical information and diagnostics, making travel less necessary.