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Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

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With over 30 years of experience under its belt, Indraprashta Apollo Hospital has become the favored destination of millions of patients spanning across different countries. Dr. Reddy, the founder, was surprised to see the lack of infrastructure necessary for providing affordable and quality medical care to patients. That is when he though of building a hospital capable of providing international standard health care to patients. Thus the world-class multi-specialty Indraprastha Apollo Hospital came into existence in 1983.

Salient Features

  • International standard healthcare
  • Largest combined group of private sector hospitals in India
  • Treated over 42 million patients from 120 countries since establishment
  • 15 Research centres for global clinical trial
  • Huge legacy of excellence in healthcare
  • Quality community services for pediatric cardiac care
  • Rehabilitation centre for hearing impaired and cancer patients
  • Online consultation booking and payment-making facilities

Esteemed panel of doctors

  • Dr. A. K. Banerji (Neurology, Brain and Spine)
  • Dr. Adosh Lall (Dental Surgery)
  • Dr. Ajit Saxena (Urology)
  • Dr. Aloy J. Mukherjee (Bariatric Surgery, General & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery)
  • Dr. Ameet Kishore (ENT)
  • Dr. Amit Kumar Agarwal (Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement)
  • Dr. Aniota Sikand Bakshi (Pediatric Intensive Care)
  • Dr. Anoop K. Ganjoo (Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery)
  • Dr. Anshuman Agarwal (Urology)