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HCG Multi Specialty Hospital & HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad

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HCG Multi Specialty Hospital and HCG Cancer Centre are a part of Health Care Global Enterprises Ltd with its headquarter in Bangalore.

HCG Multi Specialty is a 125 bed hospital located in the heart of Ahmedabad city in Gujarat. We have consistently delivered excellent and assured comfort to more than 350,000 patients in the past nine years which also includes patients from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria and Congo.

HCG Cancer Centre is the first dedicated private comprehensive cancer care centre in Gujarat at Ahmedabad and has all the facilities and departments under one roof – surgical, radiation and medical oncology. HCG Cancer Center is the first hospital in India to introduce Truebeam – India’s first advanced radiation therapy system with multileaf. It is also the first hospital in India, to get approval to use the Flattening Free Filter (FFF) Mode Technology.

Leading medical expertise and advanced technology has enabled us to deliver exceptional quality healthcare at reasonable costs.