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HCG Cancer Centre, Chennai

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HCG is South Asia’s Largest Cancer Care Network, with over 500 oncologists across 29 centers, with a single intention of creating accessible cancer care centers. The unique services that are  technology& expertise led at the HCG rare state-of-the-art Cyber knife system, the first in India, 128 slice HD PET CT, Centre for BMT, center for liver transplants.

HCG is known for pioneering a series of firsts:

• Asia’s first bloodless Bone Marrow Transplant
• India’s first Computer Assisted Tumor Navigation Surgery (CATS)
• First in India to introduce Flattening Free Filter (FFF) mode technology to treat a patient
• First in Asia to have treated a patient with 3D radio-guided surgery – Surgic Eye
• First in India to introduce biological reconstruction to treat bone cancer
• Cyberheart – First hospital in India to remove a tumour in the left ventricle of the heart through CyberKnife
• First in India to save a patient’s vocal cord through the world’s most advanced laser technology
• First in India to introduce high precision Trans Oral Laser Surgery (TOLS) endoscopically
• Credited with the largest number of Breast Conservation Surgeries in India
• First in India to introduce hyperthermia